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Our Eco-Focus
Kustom Promos knows “one less bottle in the ocean” isn’t just a catchy slogan – it’s a way of doing business.
We only work with top notch factories that meet or exceed standards for sustainable sourcing, safety and compliance.
Recycled plastic and rPET products

Pick a fight with everyday stuff that's harming the planet.

Replace plastic with plants. Re-use materials.
Kustom Promos is proud to source from the following environmentally certified & progressive manufacturers.

Plastic Bottles - Eco Friendly

Our Swedish manufacturing partner puts social responsibility above all else

Kustom Promos offers the North American promotional market a curated selection of agood Company products.

Agood Company is a certified B Corp – just like Patagonia, Tom’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and many other favorite do-good brands.

As a certified B Corp manufacturer, every factory in agood Company’s eco-system must meet high social and environmental standards. All products are designed to be part of the circular economy through the agood loop program. The pens, phone cases, and water bottles can be sent back to agood company to become new products. Nothing goes to the landfill.

NOT-Made-In-China Notebooks

Our production partner in Istanbul, Turkey, established in 1983, specializes in the design and production of premium crafted custom notebooks.

Our Turkish facility specializes in QUICK SHIP, LOW MOQ premium notebooks made by skilled employees. Paper is FSC certified and sourced primarily from Germany. Recycled leather, cover board and PU materials are sourced within Turkey.

Italian Pen Collection

Kustom Promos understands the importance of a “social license”. It’s why you’ll see us promoting the Italian Pen Collection. Our manufacturer is a leader in renewable energy production and sustainable material sourcing.

In fact…they developed the FIRST bio-compostable pen!

View Italian Pen Collection
ECo LogosEco Logos


Waste from the production of every Italian pen is re-used in the moulding process. This renewable energy production process is Environmentally and Quality Certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Transparent Sourcing

All plastic of origin is certified from Europe*. This verifies supply chain transparency.

* Not imported from Asia

Non-Virgin Plastic Pens

The Italian compostable, rPET and post consumable plastic pens require 50% less energy to produce than pens made from virgin plastic.

Reforestation Project Logo

Plant a Tree

Our Italian manufacturer will plant one tree for every 10,000 eco-friendly Italian pens ordered. You'll even get a personalized certificate with your tree's location!


One rPET Revolution Pen = 1 less plastic bottle in the ocean.

What is rPET, anyways?
rPET is recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate plastic, resin code #1). PET is one of the easiest plastics to recycle. rPET can be produced from plastic bottles and other post-consumables such as plastic bags and packaging.

What is rPET, anyways?

rPET is recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate plastic, resin code#1). PET is one of the easiest plastics to recycle. rPET can be produced from plasticbottles and other post-consumables such as plastic bags and packaging.

Recycled plastic and rPET products
Eco-Friendly  Materials
Linen Notebook
Recycled Leather Notebooks
Recycled Leather
PU Leather
Vegan Leather
rPet Notebook
Wheat straw notebook
Wheat Straw
Coffee PP
Coffee PP
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